Friday, January 29, 2016

Two New Fan Organizations for Omaha

There’s a BADWOLF in town!

BADWOLF is the acronym for the new “Bluebox and Doctor Who – Omaha League of Fans” that popped up on this month. BADWOLF is a social group for fans of Doctor Who and his blue box (and related spin-off series) in the Omaha metro area to get together and talk about all things Who. Whether your primary interest is as a series fan, cosplayer, prop builder, fan fiction writer or something else entirely, you’re invited to join the group to talk about the Doctor and his amazing adventures across all of time and space.
The group just had its first meet up event on Saturday, January 16th, at DJ’s Dugout at 114th & Dodge. According to Bill Newman, the group’s organizer, six members braved the frigid temperatures and snow flurries to come out for the event which lasted from 7:00 pm to 9:30 pm. Discussion ranged from favorite Doctors and Companions to most favorite and least favorite episodes and even some speculation on the Doctor’s next companion. Of course, being SciFi fans at heart, the discussion wandered to other series as well such as Star Trek, Star Wars and Battlestar Galactica, among others.
Josh, one of the attendees, came dressed as the 10th Doctor. Co-organizer, Linda Newman is working on a cosplay of “Cinder”; a companion of the War Doctor from the “Engines of War” novel, and brought an in-progress build of Cinder’s hybrid human/Dalek gun she’s working on. Bill shared pictures of his War Doctor cosplay which will be making its public debut the end of the month at the “Time Travelers Ball” in Kansas City.
Bill says that everyone seemed to have a great time with the only down side of the first meet up being the crowd and noise at the meeting venue making it difficult to hear conversation. However, all the attendees were excited for the next meet up schedule for Saturday, February 20th at Red Robin, 144th and Maple. For more information about the group and details on the next meet up please visit their site at

Great Plains Costumers Guild

"Welcome!  Please allow us to introduce ourselves. We are the Omaha Metro's only guild dedicated to the support, education, and encouragement of costumers of all skill levels and genres. Welcoming costumers from Omaha, Bellevue, Lincoln, and surrounding areas."

With those words our second fan organization introduces itself. 

Isis Prentice-Gertig is the founder of the Bedouin Star Dance Studio, a belly dancer and costume creator for many years.  She has acquired the skills and tools to make wonderful, long lasting costume creations.  She has now turned those tools into an organization that will help the Omaha community out immensely.   Her first meeting earlier this month brought several talented people together to found an organization that will teach costume creation skills from drafting your vision through its actual fabrication.    The workshop she is bringing to this effort should accommodate any project you could wish for, short of building a full-scale working Gundam.  She also has the community connections to allow you to find the materials you need to make your vision real.  Plans are in the works for outings to places where your creation can be exhibited and cosplayed in.  Including a night at the Opera, Phantom Of The Opera in the spring.

Other cities have had these types of guilds for a while now.  It is about time the costumers of Omaha had a place to come together.
For more information on this group, go to:  or join them at their next meeting on Feb. 13th from 1-5 PM at Bedouin Star Studios, 800A Fort Crook Road South Bellevue, NE 68005

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