Friday, January 1, 2016

I'm Back

It's been almost four years since I abruptly stopped publishing this blog and it's about time I got started again.

The goal or purpose of this column has always been to inform you about genre related events in the area and to promote them.  To discuss the cool things people are doing, how they are doing them and what can be done to find more people for them to do them with.  We will talk about mistakes that get made but it is my intent to do so in a way that will help improve what people are doing.  Keeping in mind that I do not have all the answers and may not see the problems that people encounter, those should be the rare occurrence.  What is important is that everyone who is trying to bring joy to the community should get their chance to realize their dreams and share them with as many people as possible.  So if you have something fun you are planning, let's talk about it.  If you're passionate enough, I will even let you guest write.  Speak your own passion to the community.

As far as fan activities are concerned there is nothing bigger than a convention.  And in the last four years we have seen an explosion of conventions in town.  Congregation ( ); BritishFest ( ); O!Comicon ( ); and Pretzcon(    Standbys like Willycon ( ), Constellation ( ), Nuke-con ( ), and AnimeNebrasKon ( are still going strong with OSFest ( going into hiatus for 2016.  The continued growth of AnimeNebrasKon and the great startup numbers of for O!Comicon, Congregation and BritishFest tell us that the appetite for this kind of entertainment in the Omaha area is expanding.  People are realizing they have been Science Fiction fans and finding that others share their interests.  Fan groups are forming for people to get together on a more regular basis than the once a year at a convention and use those groups to plan extended activities when they get to the organized conventions.

Let's all share what we like about the Science Fiction, Fantasy, Anime, Horror, Gaming genre.  If we do we will find friends we didn't know were out there.

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