Wednesday, June 9, 2010

OSFest 3 Hands-on Workshops

There will be several hands-on workshops this year at OSFest. Some of them will require you to bring in a project you are working on or beginning and have experts offer advice on how you can do what you want to with it. This is how the Gundam modeling workshop and the Artist Jam will be run. Bring in your modeling project and get advice on how to detail them professionally. Draw with Fredd Gorham and get instant feedback on what you did righteously.

Have you ever heard of RIF tracks? Join Jason Burns as he runs you through the in and outs of adding commentary to your least favorite movies in the RIF Track Workshop.

With at least two demonstrations on fighting with boffer weapons, we will be having a workshop in their construction and deployment. Not necessarily a hands-on demo but once you see how it's done and who you can go to for advice, we expect to see you on the field of honor fighting for your Lady or Lord.

We will also have some that will allow you to keep what you worked on, for a small materials fee. Joe Carver is going to teach people how to convert a common (cheap) water pistol into an awesome looking steampunk prop. Check out the pictures of the style of pistol he is planning on teaching you to construct. Your $2 material fee for this workshop will provide all the materials you need to take this prop home and add it to that great Steampunk costume you have in your closet waiting for that ideal prop, or be the first of the pieces you are pulling together to create that awesome costume. This workshop will be limited to 20 attendees, so if you are interested in this make sure you contact and have us add you to the class roster.

Kevin Maurice from the Kingdom of Riverheim will be offering a chainmail workshop. Okay building a hauberk or even a coif would take longer than the entire convention, so he will be starting everyone out on a smaller piece of chainmail. He will have you building an item that you will be able to finish and an hour or two like a keychain or small purse, something that you can take home with you. Again there will be a material's fee, but again we will keep it nominal, about $2. Again space will be limited so please sign up in advance. If there are any empty seats when OSFest 3 begins, we will have a signup sheet available at registration