Friday, July 24, 2009

OSFest 2 Another Small Step

OSFest took another small step towards uniting the Omaha fannish community last weekend. A lot of different fannish groups came together and had a good time at our second annual science fiction and fantasy convention. If you missed it, check out some of the videos produced about what went on:

But not everything went smoothly and there are some things we can improve on. We took too long with the art auction, so we got some ideas to help speed things up next year. The video game room needs some changes also. We need to work on our game shows. But what else could we have done better? Now is the time to speak up. If we know you had a problem with something and you know a way we can fix it, get us working on it. Leave us a comment either here, on our Yahoo group: Omaha_Sci-Fi_Fantasy_Discussions, or email us directly at

If you are not a member of our Yahoo group you can join by clicking the button below:
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And if you would like to get involved with helping out The Omaha Science Fiction and Fantasy Festival next year, we would love to have you. Either drop us an email or sign up at the omaha_ne_scifi_con Yahoo group.

Wait, let’s keep this simple, just click here:

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Remember, OSFest is a science fiction convention with something for everyone. If you didn't find what you wanted, let us know how we can bring it to you and others interested in the same things.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Local Area Roundtable Discussions

The nature of a convention is the bringing together of like minded individuals. Be they doctors at medical conventions, Sales Representatives at trade shows, or fans at SF/F conventions. That is why we are having three roundtable discussions as part of OSFest 2’s programming.

The first will be Saturday July 18th at 2PM in the Comfort Inn & Suites Board Room. The Local Anime Groups Roundtable is a chance for all the different Anime groups in the area to meet each other and tell other conventions attendees about what they do throughout the year. I am extending the invitation to any and all Anime groups wishing to participate to drop me a line at, so I can pencil you in. But if you can’t get a hold of me before hand, please show up and attend this discussion. I am trying to contact all the groups OSFES knows about but that may be impossible. So please, if you are part of an Anime group, consider this your invite and attend.

The next one scheduled is again on Saturday but at 5PM and is for the gaming community. This would be your chance to let the rest of the gaming community learn about the gaming activities you are sponsoring. Consider it your chance to convince new people to show up for your events, maybe find some crossover with other groups and build your gaming activities through joint events.

The reason OSFES wants to sponsor both roundtables is that it will allow us to get a deeper understanding of what is happening in the area and better serve those needs by noted those activities on our activities webpage. Which leads into the third discussion; on Sunday at 2PM (right before closing ceremonies) OSFES will host a discussion of the Omaha Gateway (the fancy name for our activities page). This would be the time for anyone interested to let us know what they would like to see on it and what format they would like the information presented in.

A convention is a time to come together and plan for the future. Let’s use the synergy of all the diverse groups in the Omaha area and build a future we can all have fun in.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

OSFest 2 Feature Films

Last year OSFest introduced the Omaha community to the films of Christopher Mihm, with The Monster of Phantom Lake, It Came From Another World, and Cave Women on Mars. This year we are proud to bring you his latest film; Terror From Beneath The Earth.

While exploring the Wisawa cave system, Dr. Vincent Edwards and Rosemary Bennett uncover evidence in the missing person’s case of small-town farmer, Stan Johnson’s children. Not realizing the caves are inhabited by a strange mutated creature, the result of years of underground atomic testing, they report their finding to the local sheriff. Returning with a rescue mission Dr. Edwards, Rosemary, the sheriff, and Mr. Johnson. Little do they realize the terrors that await them beneath the Earth. The Omaha premiere showing will Saturday night after the Masquerade.

On Friday night we will be offering the Omaha premiere screening of Visioneers. This is the directorial debut by Jared Drake and stars Zach Galifianakis, with Judy Greer, Missi Pyle, and James LeGros in supporting roles. It is a near future story about an increasing number of cases of spontaneous human combustion and the fears of one man (Zach Galifianakis) as he believes his time is approaching. This film features music by Tim DeLaughter of the Polyphonic Spree.

OSFest will not be sponsoring a video room this year so our staff can spend more time contacting distributors to get some really neat stuff for next year. Though I understand an Anime Addict will be getting a hotel room during the convention to screen some really good stuff.

Finally I am pleased to announce that The Godfather will be attending OSFest Saturday afternoon and evening. He has even agreed to settle the dispute regarding which costume is the best to grace our stage during our annual Masquerade Contest. Come and have your picture taken with The Godfather who I’m sure will have a mob of henchR-2s at his beck and call.

3-day memberships are still available at:
In the words of The Godfather; "Do it!"