Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Gateway is open!

Sorry about the length of time since I last wrote but I have been busy for awhile pulling a few things together. Like:

OSFES in conjunction with Anime Hoshii is sponsoring a day long costuming workshop in the Metro this May. I will talk more about that as our plans get pulled into cohesion.

Watching the economy, we at OSFES have developed our version of an Economic Assistance Plan. We are lowering the prices for OSFest 2. Check out the new rates at Oh, and more on that later. But what I want to talk about today is:

An earlier blog written by a friend of mine discussed the need for a Gateway to fannish activities for the area. Nebraska science fiction, fantasy, and anime fans now have that Gateway; listings happenings and groups locally. Go to and find something interesting going on. If you don’t find your group’s activities it means that we don’t know about it. So tell us. There is an email link at the bottom of the page to quickly communicate the chances you would like us to make. Remember this is your Gateway. The more activities we can have on it, the more cross-fertilization we can do and find more friends we didn’t know we had.

Why cross-fertilize? Nebraska is a region of America where fans hold strong opinions of their favorite activities, whether that is football, SF/F, or gaming. Such loyalty tends to insulate the fan base from other activities happening that could offer richness and diversity to their lives. Meeting fans with different interests allows ideas and activities to spread from one community to another. So enter the Gateway, try something new and adapt it into your life. Share it with others. Remember OSFest (The Omaha Science Fiction and Fantasy Festival) is a science fiction convention with something for everyone.

Share and Enjoy.