Sunday, February 22, 2009

Hugo nominations coming to a close

Read any good books lately? Was the story first published in 2008? Are you a member of Anticipation (the 2009 World Science Fiction Convention) or were you a member of Denvention 3 (the 2008 Worldcon ™)? Have you sent in your Hugo nominations ballot yet? The nominating period for the 2008 Hugos ends this Saturday, February 28, 2009, at 2359 hrs PST. The online ballot is available here.

If you aren’t a member of either of those conventions then you are probably wondering what a Hugo is? Named for Hugo Gernsback the founding editor of Amazing Stories, the Hugo award has been given out at the annual World Science Fiction Convention since 1955 for the fan selected best works in various categories of science fiction and fantasy related work. The categories have changed over the years but currently include best novel, graphic novel, short story, long and longer short story (novelette and novella), dramatic presentation, editor (pro and fan), artist (pro and fan), and fanzine, along with the John W. Campbell for Best New Writer.

So if you attended or are attending either of these Worldcons ™, get your nominations in. If you didn’t or aren’t, look into the upcoming sites for the Worldcon ™, as it does rotate every year. You can find links to the current committees that are bidding to hold it here. It is really a great experience. You can meet a lot of the heavy weights in the industry in a mere weekend. Along with learning about the history that supports our favorite genre.

Saturday, February 7, 2009


The following is a guest blog. It does not represent the views or opinions of OSFES or other writers for this blog but is the sole opinion of the guest writer. Please express your concerns about this issue in the comments section. But if there is another topic you would like to write an opinion about contact me at with your ideas.

By R.L Callaway: NE
edited Jean Sexton: NC
Proofed Howard Bampton: PA

Omaha lacks a gateway informational site. This is a site that consolidates information on the activities and meetings of the various Omaha groups. In the past our centers of information were located in the game shops, comic book shops, and specialty bookstores, such as Merchant of Venus and Star Realm. These are stores that many of today's fans have never heard of.

There are reportedly seven different anime clubs, between four and seven gaming groups, at least three conventions, two to three video media groups and God alone knows if the DR WHO folks are still around in the greater Omaha metro area. Does anyone know when and where they all meet? What their current interests are? When their meetings are held? Who is in charge? And the last of the five Ws of journalism: Why?

The Greater Omaha Metro Area Science Fiction and Fantasy community is in need of a central site to post information about the area's activities and clubs, including information such as contact points, meeting dates, events, and news. Such a gatekeeper site is not political. It does not care about feuds between groups; it is not a blog; it has no opinions about the events. It will not allow a petty-minded flame war to exist on its discussion site. If someone needs to talk trash, then they can text it to whomever they want, but not via this site. In short, it is purely an informational area (OK, it might have one section for banter but you have to keep it clean).

The major rule of the site would be the five Ws of the journalist: Who, What, When, Where, Why.

Thus announcements such as:

203rd Lyran Sq will be holding a Christmas party @ 6pm-9pm 12-21-09 @ charlies 7301 Giles RD No alcohol or Rec Drugs permitted; all welcome.
The FMP anime club will be showing season 1 disk 3 of Black Lagoon starting at 2pm 12-22-09 in room C Downtown library. Contact Jim Thorpe for additional information (see club contact section for details).

We can use a neutral site to bring together the facts about fandom in the Omaha area. It must be about facts, not feuds, not hurt feelings; it should not be about ego, nor should it feature any one group's agenda. But the facts about who we are, where we can be found, when we are meeting, what are we doing, and why we are doing it.

It can only be done if you see a need and a desire to fill it.