Sunday, September 14, 2008

The end of a busy summer.

It has been a very busy summer, leaving me with no time to post these conventional updates (pun intended). June saw me in Orlando for 2 of the Star Wars Weekends at Disneyworld. In July we hosted the Omaha Science Fiction and Fantasy Festival. And August found me in Denver for the 66th World Science Fiction Convention; Denvention 3.

The Star Wars weekends were a pleasant diversion before the real heart of the summer. In July, OSFest ’08 brought SF/F conventions back to Omaha after an almost decade long absence. While most people had a great time there were some problems. We didn’t communicate where activities were sufficiently, equipment issues with the hotel, policy issues we hadn’t thought to deal with, and more. If you can believe this, this was actually the first SF/F convention many of the OSFest staff had ever attended. They all did a wonderful job and we will iron out those problems before July 17, 2009 when we open the doors of the Comfort Inn again for OSFest 2: Another Small Step. So please, if you attended and saw any problems you think we need to address let me know. Drop me an email at: or post a comment to this blog.

Next time I will begin bringing you up to date on our plans for next summer. Until then check out our website at: . And while you’re at it please support the fall conventions in the area: Nuke-con, ICON, Contraception, and AnimeNebrasKon.