Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Omaha Science Fiction Education Society Newsletter

Vol 1 - Number 1 - December, 2009

If you are on our mailing list, we are sending this out to you to keep you abreast of where we are with OSFest and other activities that are taking place throughout the Omaha area. If you know of anybody who would like to receive this newsletter, and is not currently on our e-mail list, send an e-mail to: and request to be put on the list. Conversely, if you are receiving this newsletter and do not wish to receive it, send an e-mail to the aforementioned address and request to be removed from our list.

OSFES had a panel at AnimeNebraskon - we presented a brief history of S/F conventions that have occurred in Omaha and the surrounding area. We reported on where we are today, with activities that are in the planning stages at OSFest and other activities that are being planned in Omaha and the surrounding area. We ended with a Q & A on what people would like to see at OSFest.

We are looking at upcoming cons and holding room parties at these cons- If you will be attending any cons within 500 or so miles of Omaha in the future, look for our room party. Or if you would like to sponsor a party for OSFest, contact us at: for how to go about it.

We will be having a concert at OSFest. Plans at this time are to hold this concert on Friday evening, July 23. It was also decided that we will have a dance on Saturday evening, July 24. We are currently looking at a number of entertainers, but nothing is definite yet.

We are in the early planning stages of an Anime Film Festival that we would like to hold sometime this winter. Right now we still need a venue and more ideas. Any suggestions are welcome.

Every Saturday “The Usual Suspects” invite you to attend a movie with them at the Great Escape Theater in Omaha. This will be the last “twilight” (i.e. cheap) showing around 5:00pm. Check the theaters listings for the actual time or sign up for our Yahoo e-mail group, to receive a reminder notice weekly. If you want you can also join them afterwards for supper at a nearby restaurant for discussion of the movie and other stuff.

If you know of any activities going on in the Omaha area and would like to have them put in this monthly newsletter, or anything relevant to s/f, fantasy, anime, costuming or cosplay, etc., send the info to

Our web site is

Omaha_Sci-Fi_Fantasy_Discussions is a Yahoo group dedicated to general fan discussions about anything and everything.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Winter Activities in the Omaha Area

Cold as it is outside; we have not yet hit the point in Omaha where things have to slow down. Most winter planning takes a backseat to the chance of extreme snow closing things down in this city. Which is a real problem here since our weather patterns either have major storm activities by-pass us or funnel everything then have right onto our area.

Yet we are starting to see more event coordinators taking the chance and planning activities during our winter months. They are taking advantage of the fact that even after a major snow event; the Omaha streets are usually cleared within a day or so.

Saturday Dec. 5th The Omaha Science Fiction Education Society (OSFES) is hosting a Laser Tag Event at Zzzap! Laser Adventures starting at 7PM and going until everyone has had a chance to play. The organizers would like you to RSVP on their Facebook site. It will allow them to coordinate things with ZZZap! Management.

Sunday Dec. 6th will be the monthly meeting of Otaku Get Together at Scooters Coffee in the Old Market at 12th & Howard, Omaha, NE. They meet from 12-3PM, for more information their website is:

Every Saturday The Usual Suspects invite everyone to join them for the last matinee showing of a recently released movie at the Great Escape Theatre, 7440 Crown Point Avenue, Omaha, NE. That is usually around 5PM but show times vary. Here is a PDF of the films they are looking at going to over the next few months.

The third Tuesday of the month OSFES hosts a book discussion group at the Abrahams Branch of the Omaha Public Library. Our next meeting will be Dec. 15th at 6PM until 8PM. Whatever you have been reading lately and would like to discuss or encourage others to read will be welcome. From automatic reminders, join the Omaha_Sci-Fi_Discussion Yahoo group.

Click to join Omaha_Sci-Fi_Fantasy_Discussions

Saturday Jan. 16th starting at 2PM and running all night will be an AniRave sponsored by Otaku Omaha at the Comfort Inn & Suites. For more details about this dance go to their Facebook event site.
If you are planning an event in the next few months and want some free publicity, leave a comment and how I can get in touch with you. We also have and activities page on the OSFES website where we can post any ongoing events you have planned. So let’s Share and Enjoy all the activities we do in our fannish lifestyles.

Friday, December 4, 2009