Monday, May 28, 2007

ConQuesT 38

ConQuesT (, the annual Memorial Day SF/F convention in Kansas City, MOO (their spelling, not mine) was last weekend and had several members of the Omaha Sci-Fi community were in attendance.
ConQuesT played host to regional tournaments for Yu-Gi-Oh and World of Warcraft CCG; brought together about four WorldCon chairpersons, three small press publishers (“Buy My Books”, the war cry of Selina Rosen, editor of Yard Dog Press, rang through the halls of the Airport Hilton all weekend), several area authors and artists; and a demonstrations by The Liftport Group, the Space Elevator Company and KANAR, a D&D style LARP.
ConQuesT is a literary style of SF/F convention, which is why they have so many authors, editors, book publishers and dealer’s in attendance. Programming, while it will follow that tract (“Believable Characters”, and “Writing For Small Press”), flows through many avenues of fandom. They talked about gaming, television shows and movies, being an artist, conrunning, and fannish themes like “Robots and Ethics”. Panel wise, they had something for everyone.
ConQuesT is probably most noted for its controlled hall parties. They isolate the eleventh (top) floor of the hotel and control access to only convention members. This allows those hosting the various parties from their hotel rooms to know what to expect from attendees. Anchored by the convention “Con Suite”, each party can then take on their own flavor. The ICON party was promoting the return of the 31 year old convention started by Joe Haldeman in Iowa City. Australia in 2010 and Kansas City in 2009 both had parties to encourage people to vote for their respective bids for the World SF conventions. SoonerCon 2007 hosted an event with the various concoctions created over the years by Selina Rosen. New Orleans even had a gumbo party.
I had fun at ConQuesT, I always do. And that is probably the main reason I am trying to return SF/F conventions to the Metro area. So bookmark this blog and keep hanging around as I bring you updates on what is happening towards the Omaha Science Fiction and Fantasy Festival next July 11-13.
Oh, and they had great costumers there too; TTFN

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Festival Memberships Are Now On Sale

The membership drive for the Omaha Science Fiction and Fantasy Festival is underway. The convention, to be held July 11-13, 2008, has a Demicon/ConQuesT special membership rate. From now until June 3, 2007, $30 will get you a membership for the entire weekend. After that, rates will be increasing. Watch for details.

We now have our first committed guest for the Festival. Aaron Allston, a writer of science fiction and fantasy novels, in his own universe as well as Star Wars and Terminator novels; and short stories. If you want to see his writing style, you can download a free e-book of his: Doc Sidhe at He is also a designer of role-playing games and supplements; an independent filmmaker; and from time to time, a columnist. Sounds like a man who knows the field and we can learn a great deal from.
Don't forget to join the Omaha Science Fiction Education Society for our next Movie and Dinner night. June 16th for Fantastic Four: The Rise of the Silver Surfer, we will meet in the lobby of the Omaha Douglas Cinema Center around 5PM, I don't know actual showtimes yet.
I hope to see you soon and let me know what you're doing within the Omaha SciFi Scene.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Free Comic Book Day

Saturday May 5th at the Free Comic Book day several local comic artists set up shop again in Krypton comics. The stormtroopers of the 501st were guarding the door since their main guest; Margot Kidder, forced the line to get into the store outside and half way up the mall sidewalk. The Omaha Science Fiction Education Society ( made an appearance, as well as Spider-man and the Man of Steel.
In conjunction (not related to the SF/F convention is Indianapolis, IN) with the events of the day, OSFES' Movie and Dinner Night went to Spider-man 3. Fans enjoyed the film despite the reviews posted for the film.