Monday, January 26, 2009

Baby, It's Cold Outside!

Yes, it’s cold outside! That means we need to find things to do in places that are kept warm. Very warm, I just looked up the 10-day forecast from the National Weather Service.

Reading is one of those activities that do either outdoors or in, and right now I do my reading indoors. What goes great with reading a good book is the ability to talk about it with someone else. OSFES has arranged a time and place every month, where it is warm, to get together for such a discussion. The third Tuesday of every month at the Abrahams branch of the Omaha Public Library (90th & Fort streets) at 6 PM, we have a meeting room set aside so fans of science fiction and fantasy literature can get together and talk about what they have been reading. The next meeting will be February 17th and we will be talking about whatever book(s) you have been reading lately. There is no English Professor present, so it really boils down to what you think about the book. Come and express your opinion, you might even hear about a new book you would like to pick up and read. You will get an email reminder of this meeting if you join our Yahoo group: Omaha_Sci-Fi_Fantasy_Discussions at:

Modeling is another activity that can be done in the safety of a warm building. There is a new model building group meeting at Krypton Comics starting on February 14th. The Gundam Modelers’ Workshop will meet second Saturday of each month thereafter from 2PM until 8PM. While the focus of this group is the building and detailing a specific type of anime models, whatever you are interested in building these guys can teach you techniques to improve your work. Check out: for more details.

Is there an artist in you? Then check out Fredd Gorham’s Artist Jam at Krypton Comics the third Saturday of each month. For more details, go to:

Interested in cosplay? Go to Delice Bakery, 1206 Howard St Omaha, NE in the Old Market the first Sunday of each month from Noon to 3PM for the Otaku Get Together: Of course they won’t be doing much outside until the weather warms up some.

Do you have some group plans you would like to include in the Omaha Sci Fi Scene? Drop me a line at or post a comment where I can get back to you. It’s cold outside and we need activities to keep us warm.