Friday, July 24, 2009

OSFest 2 Another Small Step

OSFest took another small step towards uniting the Omaha fannish community last weekend. A lot of different fannish groups came together and had a good time at our second annual science fiction and fantasy convention. If you missed it, check out some of the videos produced about what went on:

But not everything went smoothly and there are some things we can improve on. We took too long with the art auction, so we got some ideas to help speed things up next year. The video game room needs some changes also. We need to work on our game shows. But what else could we have done better? Now is the time to speak up. If we know you had a problem with something and you know a way we can fix it, get us working on it. Leave us a comment either here, on our Yahoo group: Omaha_Sci-Fi_Fantasy_Discussions, or email us directly at

If you are not a member of our Yahoo group you can join by clicking the button below:
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And if you would like to get involved with helping out The Omaha Science Fiction and Fantasy Festival next year, we would love to have you. Either drop us an email or sign up at the omaha_ne_scifi_con Yahoo group.

Wait, let’s keep this simple, just click here:

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Remember, OSFest is a science fiction convention with something for everyone. If you didn't find what you wanted, let us know how we can bring it to you and others interested in the same things.

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