Monday, July 6, 2009

Local Area Roundtable Discussions

The nature of a convention is the bringing together of like minded individuals. Be they doctors at medical conventions, Sales Representatives at trade shows, or fans at SF/F conventions. That is why we are having three roundtable discussions as part of OSFest 2’s programming.

The first will be Saturday July 18th at 2PM in the Comfort Inn & Suites Board Room. The Local Anime Groups Roundtable is a chance for all the different Anime groups in the area to meet each other and tell other conventions attendees about what they do throughout the year. I am extending the invitation to any and all Anime groups wishing to participate to drop me a line at, so I can pencil you in. But if you can’t get a hold of me before hand, please show up and attend this discussion. I am trying to contact all the groups OSFES knows about but that may be impossible. So please, if you are part of an Anime group, consider this your invite and attend.

The next one scheduled is again on Saturday but at 5PM and is for the gaming community. This would be your chance to let the rest of the gaming community learn about the gaming activities you are sponsoring. Consider it your chance to convince new people to show up for your events, maybe find some crossover with other groups and build your gaming activities through joint events.

The reason OSFES wants to sponsor both roundtables is that it will allow us to get a deeper understanding of what is happening in the area and better serve those needs by noted those activities on our activities webpage. Which leads into the third discussion; on Sunday at 2PM (right before closing ceremonies) OSFES will host a discussion of the Omaha Gateway (the fancy name for our activities page). This would be the time for anyone interested to let us know what they would like to see on it and what format they would like the information presented in.

A convention is a time to come together and plan for the future. Let’s use the synergy of all the diverse groups in the Omaha area and build a future we can all have fun in.


  1. I assume we can show even if we are not in a group? I'd like to meet some of the local groups; mainly I just game with my friends and it is always nice to expand one's horizons.

    I think this is a tremendous opportunity and I'm glad that OSFES is trying to create an inclusive environment in the metro area.

  2. Everyone is welcome.

    If we didn't get people who were not already in groups didn't show up, the established groups would never grow.

    So Ryan - YES, please come!

  3. I will be at the gaming round table for sure, and I may show up at others.

    I haven't been to a convention in some time... really looking forward to this one.