Monday, May 24, 2010

OSFest 3 Programming (part 1)

I got a little behind on writing blogs this month because I have been working on the programming schedule for OSFest 3 this July. They have given me a couple more rooms to play with so I have been adding new ideas to the schedule for this year. Over the next few weeks I will be bringing you some of my thoughts on that scheduling and asking for your advance participation in some of it.

This year we have moved the video gaming room down to the Executive Board room and are converting two (2) hotel rooms into panel rooms. Readings will be moved out of the Con Suite and into one of these hotel/panel rooms and the "Coffee with…" will be in the Con Suite. We will be subdividing the hotel's breakfast area into Artist Alley, Table Top gaming, and a Workshop area giving everyone more chances to do things. And barring another storm event right before the convention, we will be doing demos in the Grassy Knoll right outside the pool area. There will be a lot happening this year.

Each year I break the schedule into Tracks. Tracks allow me to ensure a balanced agenda for everyone attending the convention. This year the Tracks include: Literary, Art, Costuming, Anime, Science, Gaming, Trivia Games, Fan, and Media events. Interspersed in those Tracks will be many opportunities to meet and talk with our Guest of Honor. The most intimate session will be the "Coffee with…" sessions in the Con Suite both Saturday and Sunday mornings. Be sure to stop by registration early to sign up for these to make sure you get a spot. Saturday morning we will have Coffee with the Author GOHs, Coffee with the Artist GOH, and Coffee with the Anime GOH. Sunday morning will be Coffee with the Science GOH and Coffee with the Toastmasters. Oh did I mention these will be held in the Con Suite, so there will be coffee (and much more) available.

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  1. Somebody pull out john tophat the 3 ring circus is coming back to town.