Sunday, May 2, 2010

2010 Convention Season: Free Comic Book Day

Not all that happens within fandom happens at an actual convention; special events will draw fans together and give us the most important pieces of science fiction conventions – people talking to people. Omaha fans were out supporting local comic book retailers this weekend from here to Sioux City, IA. But more importantly fans came together to do what they do best. The costumes I actually saw and the ones I have seen on Facebook were truly awesome. I expect to see all you costumers this July at OSFest and in our Masquerade Contest, you guys are too good not to enter. Fans of Ray Park were lined up around Krypton Comics for a change to meet the man you brought several major villains to life, and train several heroes in how to beat them. Artists were lined up bringing life to the imagination they see with and giving us the vistas we all appreciate. But the most important activity of the day was fans having a chance to meet and share their lifestyle with others who dream of a better world. So if you didn't get to Krypton Comics yesterday, I hope you made time to go to Legend Comics, Dragon's Lair, Ground Zero Comics, or a comic retailer in your hometown.

What's coming up?

Next Saturday The Usual Suspect's movie crew will assemble for the last matinee showing of Ironman 2 at the Rave Theatre. Come and join them. The only thing better than seeing a great summer flick is seeing it with fellow fans so you can share your insights afterwards.

The following weekend – May 14-16 – will be the annual science fiction convention in Des Moines, IA: Demicon 21. This will be a full weekend of fannish interaction and only a two hour drive away. If you have an inkling to find out what conventions are all about, this is your chance. OSFest will be hosting an "Alice In Wonderland" room party on Friday night, so be there.

You have been warned, let the season continue!

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