Sunday, May 16, 2010

Convention Season continued: Demicon 21

I am sitting here having breakfast this morning of the final day of Demicon 21 staring at the USS Enterprise float from Trek Fest (held in Riverside IA) reflecting on the events that have already occurred.

I learned an important costuming lesson Friday night, adhesives used to hold Velcro to fabric won't hold on vinyl. I wore a newly constructed Klingon uniform to opening ceremonies and the decorative belt popped apart. I have now sewn the attachment into place for the next time I take the costume for a test drive. I am also going to have to learn how to comfortably wear my forehead ridge appliance.

This year, in keeping with their pirate theme, the Trans-Iowa Canal Company play pirated Vampire Hunter D. The actual title was Zombie Hunter D and it had all the puns and bad jokes that we come to love about the annual TICC skit. It was even approved by PETZ, People for the Ethical Treatment of Zombies – no zombies were hurt in the performance of their play.

The party floor was busy after that Friday night, the same night OSFest ran its room party. The Holiday Inn in which I am sitting is a five floor facility and they blocked off the five floor for their con suite and party floor. Always a good idea.

Their art show has greatly improved. Not that they have ever been slackers in this department but they have found some really good new artists to add to the ones they already had. Their Blinkie workshop has expanded their hours and were over both Saturday and Sunday (Yes, it will be opening again later today). There is a lot of pirate art(not pirated art) around the convention as their them is: Everything is Better with Pirates and their artist GOH is Don Maitz – who does a lot of pirate imagery in his art. I wonder if those kids in the Scavenger Hunt last night ever found the Klingon dressed like a pirate they were looking for?

Mai Tran prepared the OSFest room party in an Alice In Wonderland theme. But there were also some other interesting parties Friday night. John & Denise Garner had their Karaoke party both nights, as well as the Steampunk Airship: the Brass Falcon. Image the bridge of a dirigible, constructed inside a hotel room. They even offered to let me steer. The Chicago in 2012 Worldcon™ bid rounded out the parties, other than the Fan GOH, Greg Parmentier running through the hall with a portable keg of home-brew strapped to his back.

So, all-in-all, Demicon was the usual fun experience we have come to expect from the Des Moines Science Fiction Society. Save the last weekend in April/May1 next year and join in the fun.

Remember: OSFest Is Coming!

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