Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Third Annual OSFest Writer's Workshop

I am pleased to announce the return of the Writer’s Workshop for OSFest 3. For the past two years, new writers have had a chance to hone their skills with an interactive audience of other new writers in this round-robin critique system. Sunday morning they will be sequestered starting at 9AM and working until each and every story submitted has gone through the discussion mill. If you are someone who thinks they have the chops to be a writer and would like professional, as well as peer, feedback, look over the guidelines for this activity by clicking here. If you decide this is right for you, get a convention membership, contact Matt Rotundo to reserve a space and get your manuscript submitted by June 19th.

Yes, we will be scheduling the workshop early Sunday morning (9AM to be precise) but that is to allow everyone enough time to fully discuss each story.

If you think you would like to find out if you can write but haven’t been able to finish a story, we have been talking about a second type of writer’s workshop. This would be a more hands-on type of clinic that would actually require the participants to take a selection of plot and character ideas and work them into a scene. If this is something you would be interested in, please drop me a line at We need to know if there is enough interest to include it in the schedule.

Of course if you would just like to come and hang with writers, that’s okay also. We will have several in attendance. Three day memberships are still a bargain at $30 for the entire weekend, but that price will expire by the end of June. So click here and get yours today.

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