Sunday, April 11, 2010

Convention Season Begins

Once again Midwest fandom enters the convention season. We have patiently waited until that part of the year when snow is unlikely to disturb travel plans and cancel planned conventions. And now a whole string of activities have been lined up for us until that snow once again threatens to huddle us indoors until warm weather returns.

But now we have Willycon. This last weekend at Wayne State College in Wayne Nebraska the annual SF convention known as Willycon was held. And for three days we could again celebrate the friendships we have made over the years with other fans, meet new fans and begin the celebration with them, and learn a lot of interesting things. Oh, and we could buy a lot of stuff too.

The charm of this convention the amount of face time that each attendee can get with the guests the committee brings in each year. I spent much of this weekend hanging out with an artist that I admire the work of and finding a lot of similar interests. In addition to doing the wonderful Magnus and Loki series of art prints this friendly woman is well versed in the geekishness that is fandom. And what she doesn't know, she will quickly find out on her blackberry. Their Author Guest of Honor; David J. Williams, spend Sunday morning reading and critiquing the work of several neo-writers at the convention. Everyone hung out together at mealtime, continuing the fannish conversation.

Yes, they had panel discussions, game shows, and even a dance but Willycon is a small intimate convention with all the benefits of a larger one. If you were there you know what I mean. If you missed it, sign up for next year when the Guests of Honor will be alternate history author Harry Turtledove and artist Theresa Mather. The dates will be April 1-3, 2011 at Wayne State College - more details. Though give them a couple of days to update things, they just ran a great convention.

I look forward to seeing everyone at ConStellation, next weekend in Lincoln, Nebraska. Look for the OSFest room party on Saturday night.

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