Sunday, April 18, 2010

2010 Convention Season: ConStellationNE

You wake up in the morning, leave your bedroom and enter a magical realm where the literature you love is available, discussed and its creators honored. Food is available for the picking from metal trees trays, escape can be found in recorded performances or puppeteered games, and windows into alien realms await your viewing.

ConStellationNE was this weekend in Lincoln, NE. Brandon Sanderson, returned to his hometown of Lincoln to talk about writing and in particular finishing the Wheel of Time series of books for the late James Oliver Rigney, Jr. (aka Robert Jordan). The insanity that is Frank Wu and his wife Brianna Spacekat Wu ran rampage through the Guest House Inn and took us all on a ride that is their world. Patrick Kennedy offered the stability of a long time artist and convention-organizer who has worked had for our community of fans and his perspectives on its journey and future.

But ConStellationNE was not a great convention because of these guests; it was a great convention because of the attendee guests. Over one hundred and fifty fans of the literature, games, movies, and art that we love, came together to celebrate what these Guests of Honor had done and to teach each other what we could do. Interactive panels include costuming advice, writing and publishing suggestions, community outreach, and artistic demonstrations. ConStellation did not have eight contestants in their Masquerade, they had eight great costumers in their Masquerade. The Art Auction, scheduled for one hour, ran half again as long because of the vast number of pieces that people really wanted to take home with them. Looking for a good book? The dealer's room had several vendors with numerous great books, including those of the Guest of Honor available at reasonable prices.

A few blogs ago, I laid out some guidelines for judging of an event is a success. ConStellationNE happened; success. All the attendees of ConStellationNE had a great time; success. And I understand that ConStellationNE made enough money to break even or better (its still too early for a treasurer's report); success. Here's hoping that that success will be translated into another great Lincoln SF convention next year as we attend ConStellationNE 2.

Great work guys, you done the community proud!

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  1. It was fun! Nice to see you there and looking forward to OSFEST this year~