Sunday, January 3, 2010

OSFest adds an Artists' Alley

The Omaha Science Fiction Education Society is always looking for ways to improve the convention experience it offers Omaha area fans. This year, we’re adding a successful element we’ve found at other conventions: an Artist’s’ Alley.

For those unfamiliar with this piece of SF/F/Anime/Media Conventions, an Artists’ Alley is an area where artists hang out and fans can talk with them, learn new techniques from them, and buy art directly from them or commission works from them. Just imagine a dealers’ room full of highly creative people doing what they do best with chairs on both sides of the table. It offers everyone a chance to peek into their inspired worlds.

Never fear, we are not eliminating the traditional Art Show. An Art Show highlights the works of the artists represented; an Artists’ Alley highlights the artists themselves. Both activities let you step into new and wonderful worlds, and come away with a piece of those worlds should you need their inspiration in your daily life. (I know I do; my wife keeps telling me we need a bigger house.) An artists’ alley, however, lets you tell the artist directly how those worlds have inspired you and lets the artist tell you the processes that spawned them.

If you are an artist and would like to participate in this new endeavor, simply download the OSFest 3 Artists’ Alley Submission Guidelines, fill out the reservation form and let us prepare your gateway to your fans. And keep watching this blog, as we will be launching more new activities in the months leading up to OSFest 3.

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