Wednesday, January 20, 2010

More About Upcoming Activities in Omaha

There is a modeling club in Omaha, yes I have written about them before, that meet monthly at Krypton Comics to work and trade techniques. They are the Gundam Modellers’ Workshop and they meet the second Saturday of each month at Krypton Comics 2819 S 125th Ave # 261 Omaha, NE 68144. The problem has always been; where can you find a Gundam or other anime related model to work on. Well Ground Zero Hobby in Bellevue , 794 Fort Crook Road South to be exact, orders in a shipment of specialty models every month. The store manager, Dave, says they fly out the door as soon as they arrive. But never fear, he is willing to let you peruse the catalog he orders from to see if there is a specific model that strikes your fancy. So give him a call at: 402-292-3750, get a model kit and hang out with a bunch of great guys at the Gundam Modeller’s Workshop.

Star Wars fans unite! There is a Meet and Greet for the Omaha Star Wars Club on February 6th at the Dave and Busters (2502 South 133rd Plaza Omaha, NE 68144) from 1-4 PM. Beau Caddell has reserved the Blue Board Room so we can get together and meet fellow fans. He also runs a Facebook page for the club, so head on over there and sign up for future activities and general SW conversation.

If your group is planning an activity in the Omaha area of fannish interest and would like me to publicize it to others drop me a line at with the details. And don’t forget: Robert Sawyer, Mitchell Bentley, and Jan Scott-Frazier are coming to OSFest 3 this summer.

2010 looks to be a great year!

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