Sunday, January 17, 2010

2010: An Omaha Odyssey

New events and changes are happening in the Omaha area this year. Not only will we have the regular conventions that we have come accustomed to having but we will be adding one in Lincoln this year: ConStellation. Add to that a lot of new smaller, one-day events happening this coming year, like CosParade and OtakuOmaha’s AniRave.

To keep things fresh in the regular conventions, changes need to be made occasionally. This year the Board of Directors for the Omaha Science Fiction Education Society saw some turnover. John Schlosser and Rodney Ruff stepped down to pursue business and personal interests, though I am hoping they will still be a part of OSFES going forward. To fill those seats and the one we have had vacant for the last year; April Lindloff, who had already been serving as our Treasurer, Caleb Combs and Mai Tran agreed to step in.

OSFest (The Omaha Science Fiction and Fantasy Festival) has also seen some personnel changes. Except for our first year when Norm Pavlov was Guest Liaison for Denise Crosby, we have not had a person dedicated to taking care of our Guests of Honor. This year Nick Schneider has agreed to fill that role for us. Remember to feed them Nick. Dylan Nigh has agreed to work on Programming, between the two of us I hope to take the best of SF/F and Anime convention programming and create a hybrid that has something for everyone. Tony Schneider will be bringing in his crew to provide security this year. Moose Mendolia has offered to organize the table top gaming activities this year. If any of you saw the Star Wars minis games he ran last year you know this will be exciting. Also watch for one of Fredd Gorham’s Artist’s Jam to be integrated into our program schedule, separate from the Artists’ Alley we have already announced.

And with these many changes a lot of people will be returning to bring the same great convention that OSFest has been in the past. So mark July, 2010 on your calendars, book your room, get your membership early (while their cheap), and hang on. It’s going to be a wild ride.

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  1. Looking forward to it. Last year's OSFEST was a great time.