Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Independent Filmmaker News

It has been a couple of years since Christopher Mihm has been about to make it to Omaha.  But OSFest is still having an influence on his movie productions.  Mitch Obrecht was an Associate Producer for Destination Outer Space and now James Hollaman is an Associate Producer of House of Ghosts and is currently highlighted in the Mihmiverse Monthly Newsletter at: http://www.sainteuphoria.com/newsletter/jan12.html.

One of the things we added last year to OSFest was an independent film festival to showcase the works of small film makers like Christopher Mihm, Star Trek Phase 2, and The Dead Hour.  Giving them some exposure and making potential audiences aware that their work exists.  This year we are in the process of adding a special contest running up to OSFest.  We would like to offer a chance for high school students who want to produce genre films to have those films shown to a receptive audience.

So join us at OSFest 5: The Gathering and experience some of those independent visions.  Then let's all talk about what's great about the genre.

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