Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Fannish Move Means Lots of Great Genre Bargains

Sylvia Kostisin is moving from her long time residence on Pacific street and will not have room for the collections she has put together over the years of being a fan in the Omaha area. Her lose is your gain. Here is a description of her some of her items:

“So, the first auction will have my Star Trek books--I think just about all the paperbacks and most of the hardcovers, along my autographed books, mostly from Omaha Sci-Fi conventions. The last few years of Magazine of F&SF, and some other random books

The auction on the 28th should have the bulk of my SF collection, more ST, some SW, a lot of Dr Who, convention memorabilia, fanzines (mostly Robin of Sherwood, I didn't check the box real close), my Elfquest (all the comics, including #1, some paperbacks and HC, games, posters, t shirts, the video, calendars) Star Trek plates and a 3-D chess set, movie posters, artwork, and of course books and magazines.

Close to 3000 books, mostly paperback, and SF book club editions. Some of the old Ace Doubles, books going back to when they were 35 cents, all the old time major authors, Magazines from the 1930's on, Astounding/Analog, Galaxy, F&SF, If, Fantastic, Fantastic Universe, Imagination--no Amazing or Weird Tales.

I haven't looked in these boxes for about 15 years, so not much current--I throw things down there occasionally, but never looked to take anything out.

The auction house is Martindale Auctions, and the auction will be held at their Auction Building at 1305 S Main, Fremont NE 68025 the sales start at 9:30 am on Jan 28th.”

So check it out for some great deals.

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  1. Auction list? Online bidding? Want lists honored? Don't tease us like this!!!
    Good luck with the sale!