Thursday, November 24, 2011

We’re Moving Again

Well we finally did it, signed a contract with a new hotel – a bigger hotel – a hotel that should be easier to get to. The Ramada Plaza Omaha – Hotel – Convention Center/CoCO Key Water Resort will be the gathering point for OSFest 5. We will have more and larger rooms (no more converting hotel rooms into programming space), a large suite for our con suite, real suites for attendees to throw parties in, and a grand foyer to spread out registration (and hopefully speed things up.
The only down sides are: people need to reserve their rooms early to get the discounted rate, and we will again have to make all our reservations by phone to the hotel.
The discounted rate for 2012 will be $84/night for a Standard room and $144/night for a suite. But they will be real suites not just enlarged standard rooms like at the Crowne Plaza. But to get these rates you will have to book your room by April 27, 2012 or the rates will revert to their standard prices of $94/night for a Standard room and $144/night for a suite (there was no early bird discount for a suite but they normally go for $180/night). Also the room block will be released on July 13th, after which there will be no guarantee of availability. So get a room booked early and save, you will have up to 24 hours ahead of arrival to cancel your reservation without any penalties.
The rates and the room block are not available online. You will again have to actually phone the Hotel Reservations Center at either: 1-888-288-4982 or the hotel itself at: 402-547-5640. When you do be sure to ask for the OSFest or Omaha Science Fiction Education Society rate. If you use any online hotel reservation system, you will not be included in our room block. Being in that room block means our hotel guy can keep you close to the weekend's action. So droop him an email at:, when you make your reservation so he knows your in the system and let him know if you have any special needs; like you want to throw a party.
Working together we can make the hotel experience at our new digs fun and undisturbed. Details will continue to go up at until we have rocked the corner of 72nd & Grover once more.

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