Thursday, November 10, 2011


Kudos go out to the staff of AnimeNebrasKon. Once again not only did they survive the weekend of November 4-6th,2011 but they pulled off another great convention experience. I have yet to see the figures from the weekend but from some name badge numbers I do believe they broke attendance figures again. The dealer's room at the same time seemed bigger and more crowded, but there were still great deals to be had. I understand Dylan is still alive after delivering a remarkable assortment of panels, there were several room parties (including a Tron room) around the pool, and Rob Lewis duct taped the crowd for the "One Of Us!" parade on Sunday.

But you were there, Right? If so, you know what a great time it was and if not, why not? Fandom is a group adventure. A time to meet people, share what you love about the genres you have in common, and learn about genres you haven't experienced yet. Get involved in the fannish community. AnimeNebrasKon is the last Midwest convention for the year, so now is the time to plan your calendar for 2012. Look for one you like, get a membership, plan to meet the guests, for they are often really terrific people, then go and make new friends.

OSFest 5: The Gathering will be July 27-29th, 2012, while our hotel is not confirmed yet, it will be in Omaha (it is the Omaha Science Fiction and Fantasy Festival). You can keep up with our plans at file:///H:/OSFES/Blog/2012/


  1. You mention that the hotel is not confirmed... is last year's hotel definitely out, or are you simply considering multiple venues?

    Looking forward to OSFEST 5!

  2. Everything is up in the air until we sign a contract. But we are looking at a larger venue for OSFest 5.