Sunday, March 14, 2010

Megacon 2010 Day 1

I am at the three day comic convention held in Orlando annually known as Megacon. This is Friday and here are my impressions:
Remember the noise problems that both OSFest and AnimeNebrasKon had between panel walls? If you didn’t experience them, where were you (go back and see Support Your Local Convention)? Well, it seems that major convention centers are not immune from such happenings either. I found it hard to listen to the five comic book artists talk about storytelling over the Indy Film Festival going on in the next room. The lesson here for all convention programmers is to schedule a buffer room between activities that will by their nature be loud and everyone else.

Okay, what is the fascination with celebrity Q&A panels? I attended two of them; Billy Dee Williams and James Hong. While I found them mildly entertaining, it is not something that I would seek out on my own. Normally, I like panels that will challenge me intellectually or teach me something. But I would love to have those people who like these activities to teach me and the rest of my readers how to enjoy them. So either leave a comment (or two, three, four) on this subject, or drop me a guest blog if you have a lot of information to relate. I, for one, want to hear from you.

The panel that I actually enjoyed the most on Friday was the Hardware Store Props panel presented by members of the Florida Garrison of the 501st. One gentleman showed how to build Star Wars replica weapons from parts found in a hardware store and did a resin cast of an assassin robot head in about ten minutes. Another individual showed off and discussed how he built several lightsabers from parts found in the plumbing department of the local hardware store. They were a couple of great guys inviting others to join their great hobby. To me, this is what fandom is all about.

More thoughts about this convention as the days pass.

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