Wednesday, March 3, 2010

How To Throw A Room Party!

So, you want to host a room party?

We at OSFest Central love room parties. But if you want to throw one you need to let the convention you are planning to throw it at know that you want to. Why? They usually have a special floor for room parties. Often they have booked that entire floor or made arrangements so that that floor is just for convention attendees. People wanting to actually sleep are off on another floor, where they will not to be bothered by the merry-makers on the party floor. Usually this just requires an email to the convention’s hotel liaison after you have booked your room and they will take care of the room arrangements.

For those folks who are new to room parties, go to: for an in-depth guide to planning your party.

The Comfort Inn & Suite has been good to us regarding room parties. They have blocked off the third floor, the same floor we have our Con Suite on, just for our party animals. We have only had a single incident where a non-convention family got booked on that floor. All of our parties have been civilized enough to keep any security involvement away, while still being fun enough to last well into the night, even the wide Karaoke party by our Artist Guests of Honor last year.

Throwing a room party is easy; book a room, contact the hotel liaison to let him know, and follow the guidelines at or make up your own. But come to the convention and have a great time. OSFest 3 will be July 23-25, 2010, pre-registration rates are still available.

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