Thursday, February 25, 2010

The New OSFest Website Launches

We have just launched the new website for OSFest 3: The World Created By You. 2010 will be the year that the Omaha Science Fiction and Fantasy Festival celebrates all the things people do to express their love of the genres of science fiction, fantasy, anime, horror and gaming. We want to showcase whatever you find interesting:

« The R2-Central Builders will be back.
« Meet the bevy of authors coming to Omaha to celebrate their passion for the future and the fantastic.
« Art Bozlee will again be talking about private space plans – Remember when Robert Heinlein declared that only private industry was up to the challenge of space exploration? (hint: Destination Moon) Art represents that effort.
« Join Mitchell Davidson Bentley and learn about creating and collecting artistic visions.
« Our Artist Alley will allow you close contact with creators of visions that inspired trips into our realms of flight and fantasy.
« With Jan Scott-Frazier we will be adding a whole new dimension to the SF experience for the weekend.
« We have found a way to take our tried and true hotel and get another track for programming out of the same space. We will still have the same Literary, Media, Scientific, Artistic, and Gaming experience but we will be expanding our Anime programming
« Fredd Gorham's Artist Jam will be holding a session as part of the Festival, come and create with them.
« We will have a tribute to the man who hosted horror films on Saturday nights; Dr. San Guinary.
« We will have a fabulous con suite and a whole floor dedicated to room parties. Want to know how to go about putting one on? Go to for some useful advise. Then join the fun.
« Our Friday night hall costume and Saturday night masquerade contests will again allow people with vision and imagination to express themselves – and entertain the rest of us.
« Our video game room will be moved to a location where people will have better access to the games they want to play

So check out our new website:, where we wish to proclaim that “All these Worlds are yours. Use them together, use them in Peace.” Choose your planet and let your OSFest adventure begin.

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