Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Business Side of Convention Going 1

As an artist you always have the option to mail in your artwork to whatever convention you like without ever having to attend the convention. But if you do that, then you are losing a lot of potential a convention offers for furthering your artistic career.

The rational for new authors to attend SF/F conventions is obvious, not only do they get to interact with fans of their writing, but through readings, panels and autographs sessions they get a chance to expose new readers to their work. Sometimes editors even make the conventions and then a new author gets a chance to sell his latest body of work to someone who can make printing presses roll.

Pressing the flesh works for the artists also:
• An artist that is in attendance at the art auction can help sell their work in a couple of ways; helping with the auctioneering and explaining something that helps other auctioneers sell artwork.
• Running tours of the Art Show to expose new collectors to what they should be looking for when acquiring artwork for their homes.
• Participating in Artist Alley activities allows an artist to sell his visions directly to the attending public and/or directly commission works from them.
• Even a chance meeting with another attendee can lead to good things. While attending a convention, artist Patrick Kennedy chanced to talk with the editor of Sam’s Dot Publishing. Since the editor liked his work, he commissioned Pat to do several covers for him. The first of which was SHELTER OF DAYLIGHT. Pat has informed me that BEYOND CENTAURI should be out in January and in April ILLUMEN will be published. All with his cover art.

This year OSFest will have two cover artists from Sam’s Dot Publishing in attendance. Both Pat Kennedy and our Artist Guest of Honor: Mitch Bentley will have artwork on the covers of the books at the Sam’s Dot Publishing table in the dealer’s room. And they will have work hanging in the art show. So like authors; artists who attend conventions get a chance to further their careers. Come to OSFest and further yours, information for artist will soon be available at Join us and have fun while working on your passion.

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