Sunday, February 3, 2008

OSFest Program Participants part 1

Tyree Campbell

Conventions have a main lineup of guests that are spectacular and draw new people into the door. But any regular convention goer knows that most of the work in providing the entertainment at the event comes from the cadre of ancillary guests the committee lines up. These guests provide the convention with the ability to have a wide array of panels, workshops, meeting, readings, and miscellaneous interactions that make up the fannish experience.

OSFest is starting to build that cadre. The first gentleman I would like to introduce everyone to is Tyree Campbell, who was actually the first to have enough faith in us. Tyree is the Managing Editor of a micro press publishing company: Sam’s Dot Publishing and is their face at conventions in the Midwest. You will find him behind a dealer’s table willing to introduce you to the works of new writers that he has found good enough to bring to print. Along with his own works of fiction.

What does he bring to OSFest? He has been part of the current wave of small, niche publishers that is helping to fill the void in the genre. A void created when the big publishing houses fail to take the risk of new voices in the field. He knows the business from the writing, editing, printing, and marketing perspective. He will provide synergetic viewpoint to the world of written science fiction, fantasy, and zombies. Three out of his five blogs on his MySpace page are about zombies.

So thanks for coming Tyree. And to everyone else, look him up at OSFest. He is a very easy man to talk to and is quick to become friends with.

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