Monday, January 21, 2008

OSFES' January '08 Game Day

It was a cold and stormy day on the Great Plains and those looking for relief from the frigid temperatures and chronic boredom of keeping warm had a place to go. OSFES had found a warm den and equipped it with the finest in console gaming and most excellent Game Masters and christened it a Game Day.

Saturday, January 19th, at the Skutt Student Center on the campus of Creighton University, OSFES organized both video and tabletop games for those brave enough to venture forth through the artic cold front that was gripping Omaha. This time we realized that the two types of gaming had to be separated to keep their respective noise levels from interfering with each other. And it worked. While some of the gamers got quite loud, it was never enough to disrupt the other side.

One of the members of the 501st Legion stopped by to interrogate the usual suspects, err, pose for pictures. Mason Hatfield as Boba Fett, Imperial ID number BH-9545, made his way through the crowd searching for rebel scum.

There is one more Game Day scheduled before the Omaha Science Fiction and Fantasy Festival this July and that will be on the Ides of March; March 15 at the Skutt Student Center on the campus of Creighton University.

We also plan to sponsor events at the local game shops over the next few months, though not as grand as our Game Days. To keep up on all our gaming activities, bookmark: Be there or be the round peg in that square hole.

May ye always roll a natural 20; John

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