Sunday, June 19, 2011

OSFest 4.0’s Independent Film Festival 01

In 2006, Rachel Grubb and Brooke Lemke, longtime friends and actresses who frequently appeared in the same productions, had an idea. "What if we made films for women, by women, and about strong women?" Silent But Deadly Productions was born.

Two of their short films, A Broken Family and Young Eyes will be presented during OSFest 4.0 Independent Film Festival. In addition, their first feature-length motion picture, Why Am I In a Box?, will have its Omaha premiere Saturday night.

Why Am I In a Box? is a non-stop thriller that will leave you guessing right up until the end credits. Don't believe me? Join us Saturday night and find out for yourself! Their synopsis of the movie: "Ellen Farnsby is a modern-day Scheherazade. And if she doesn't tell the story of a lifetime, someone else will be writing her obituary. She is kidnapped by Paige, a failed novelist with an ax to grind. Jeremy is a video store clerk whose one talent is fooling himself, and others, that he's an artist. He and a pop junkie of a detective named Lydecker are hunting for Ellen. Will Jeremy and Lydecker find Ellen before a vicious maniac edits her out of existence? Will Ellen write a brilliant novel or end up a tragic movie-of-the-week?"

The trailer is also available here -

The OSFest 4.0 Independent Film Festival is a part of
OSFest 4.0:System Upgrade this July 22-24, 2011, admission to all of the films shown is included in your convention membership. To see our current lineup, visit the Film Fest page here:
We hope to see you there.

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  1. Wow, we are such big fans of Sci-Fi and classic monster movies. So much so, we started up our own Indie film business a few years back called Big Tex Movin' pictures. As you can guess, we're down here in Texas. Our first movie's just hitting Amazon at: It's called The Color of Blood and it's full of pretty girls, creepy settings and one crazy new monster. The story surrounds a bunch of young artists, trying to make their names, and the trouble they get into when they start working for Zorasian Gallery. This Zorasian guy is actually an Aztec Vampire and you know what trouble that leads to!

    Our next film is Matt Mercury and His Rocket Rangers. It'll be our feature length version of an award-winning short film

    Matt Mercury will be great fun to make and even more fun to watch, at least for fans of the good old days of final frontiers, mad super-genius' and alien a'plenty!

    You can see all our upcoming and upgraded specila effects (and there really cool) and much more on and follow Indie Film action on

    Hope to see y'all around and let's fans keep makin' movie magic!