Friday, January 7, 2011

The Gundam Modelers’ Workshop

Omaha has become the home to several fannish activities and groups in the last few years, I'd like to think this is the influence of OSFES but it is probably the effect of a pent-up demand that is finally manifesting itself. Whatever the reason there is now more things to do than ever.

One of those activities is the Gundam Modelers' Workshop at Krypton Comics. Gerald Ngau has organized a time and place each month for modelers to come together and share techniques and tricks. When pressed as to why he builds these scale replicas of giant robots, he responded: "Humm, I never thought about that, I assume when you buy a Gundam model you should know the story and the kind of mobile suit you like to put together. What I can think of in my own perspective is that I enjoy building Gundam models because they are fun to put together, they all come in color and snap together with out using any glue, super articulate great for display, and they come in all sizes and price (ranges), the technology that goes into making the model kit is the most advanced and detail I have seen, they have been around for 30 years and there is a huge follower all over the world."

The Gundam Modeler's Workshop meets the second Saturday of each month at Krypton Comics at 2819 South 125th Ave, # 261. You can contact Gerald for details at: But here are the guidelines as listed on the OSFES activities page:

• Bring your own Gundam (or any anime model kit.
• Bring your own paint and tool.
• Learn how to build a Gundam, share techniques on detailing and how
to post your model once it is complete.
• Showcase your best Gundam model.
• Bring any Hobby Japan or Gundam model magazine to help detail
your Gundam model.
• Exchange web site info.
• No glue require.
• Great fun for all age.
• Best of all the learning is free.
(Warning: We will be using sharp tools.)

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