Wednesday, October 27, 2010


From author Kim Harrison:

Can you believe it's that time year again already? I'm hosting my 4th annual on-line Halloween costume contest. If you've entered before, the submission guidelines will be familiar with just a couple minor changes, so, please take a moment to check them out so I won't have to try to track you down to find out little details like how you want to be identified, and as always, don't send me a picture unless everyone in the shot agrees that I can post it online with an identifying name. You can send me pictures from previous Halloweens, but not if you've entered them in previous years.

Pets & Babies: If your child can't say Trick-or-Treat, please enter them here. Winner for this category will be picked at random.
If you knock on doors, say "trick-or-treat" and don't have a driver's license then, enter your picture here.
This is for the really elaborate ones that are good enough to find on a Hollywood set.
I'll give you a hint- Men in fuzzy outfits seem to win a lot.
Blood, missing parts, you get the idea.
Group Shot:
Three or more. Be sure EVERYONE agrees to have the picture posted.
Hollows Shot:
For those Rachels, Ivys, Jenks, Rynn Cormells and Nicks out there. I'll take group shots here, to, BUT- you must ALL be Hollows characters in the picture.
E2 (Everything Else):
If it doesn't fit in the categories above, place it here.
Best Carved Pumpkin:
Fairly self explanatory. Show me your best carving.

What You Could Win:

Category winners will receive a signed ARC of-Pale Demon

Please make sure your email is valid through November.

Legalish Mumbo - Jumbo:

There is no cash value for these prizes, and there's no need to purchase anything to enter. Odds of winning depend upon the number of entries received, and I pick the category winners depending upon my mood and the orientation of the moon. Submission indicates permission to put your picture up on the Internet. If you don't tell me how you want to be identified, I will use the name associated with your e-mail. (first name only)

How To Submit:

Cropping your picture to within 400 X 400 pixels and a file size of near 50 KB will get you a virtual hug from me. Then, send the pictures to "Guy" at his email address located in the "Submission Guidelines". Click the Submissions Guidelines link at the top of this newsletter.


There it is, guys. Have fun!

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