Sunday, August 15, 2010

Travel Broadens the Mind

Star Wars Celebration V has ended. And I am very tired having made it through all four days. Over the next few blog entries I will be talking about the lessons I will be taking away from the experience. They will include problems I saw in the conventions running and experiences I would like to bring back to Omaha and OSFest.

Before anyone jumps to any conclusions, I had a wonderful time at the convention and would have liked it to last at least another day. But I have run conventions and know how far you can stretch your staff. These have been four very enjoyable days.

There was some exciting news coming from Kansas City over the last few days. Members of KaCSFFS (The Kansas City Science Fiction and Fantasy Society) have launched a bid to bring the World Science Fiction Convention back to Kansas City in 2016, 40 years since it hosted it's last one: MidAmericon in 1976. In a posting from the Chairperson, Jeff Orth, if you are interested in getting ahold of the current committee and getting involved in this mutli-year and multi-phase effort, you can contact them at KCin2016(at)gmail(dot)com. It will be a grand learning experience for anyone volunteering and you will have a great time helping.

Now where is that hot tub?

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